Health Care

L’effet bénéfique des nouveaux médicaments sur la longévité et la capacité de travailler

Bon nombre d’économistes croient que les nouveaux produits sont au coeur du progrès économique et que les produits novateurs valent mieux que les anciens parce qu’ils fournissent plus de «services» par unité de coût de production. L’industrie pharmaceutique est l’une de celles qui produisent le plus de nouveaux produits et qui font le plus appel à la recherche et au développement.

Le Point de l’IEDM sur la légalité des cliniques de santé privées

Federal and Quebec health laws are extremely complex. Many people believe, mistakenly, that recourse to the private sector is forbidden for all practical purposes. However, Quebec already has more private clinics than any other province. Certain grey zones exist, and governments tolerate practices that might not see the light of day if the law were applied to the letter. But there clearly exists space for developing private services outside the government monopoly.

How should the value of new drugs be determined?

The amounts spent on drugs in the Canadian health care system have risen sharply over the last few years. In this context, the cost of new patented drugs is a source of controversy. According to an increasingly widespread view, most patented drugs, other than a few truly innovative products, are just “me-too” copies, with no value added, that cost less to produce than we are told. How much are new drugs really worth? And who should end up deciding whether their use is justified?

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