Fresh Takes

Another Day, Another $30 Million Lost

The government of Canada has once again postponed the reopening of the Canada-U.S. land border until at least July 21, at which point 487 days will have passed since the last time non-essential land travel was permitted between the two countries.

Police Reform: A Missed Opportunity

By refusing to open up a debate about the structure of the police in the province, the Quebec government is missing an opportunity to innovate and improve the effectiveness of our police, all while reducing costs.

Self-Sufficiency Is Not the Best Policy

The Quebec government has lately been promoting the idea of becoming self-sufficient in the production of food. Just how much are we willing to pay for this dubious benefit?

Will All Those Billions Stimulate Growth?

What if governments’ recovery plans—both US President Joe Biden’s and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s—don’t stimulate the economy such that it grows in the medium and long term?

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