Fresh Takes

Yes, policing should be reformed

Both the Alberta government and the union representing the RCMP have planned a number of town hall meetings throughout 2022 to discuss moving toward a provincial police force.

Rescue Operations for a Shaky Mining Company

After having sunk $52 million of taxpayer funds into a company sheltered from its creditors, namely BlackRock Metals, Quebec’s CAQ government says it is ready to inject even more millions of public dollars to acquire a part of the company.

Allowing New Agricultural Models to Emerge

The rising prices of agricultural lands and the difficulties these pose to the next generation of farmers are a recurring topic in Quebec news media. Taking note of the situation, the Quebec government has tabled Bill 103.

More Regulations, More Problems

You might think that a doctor in, say, Ontario would automatically be allowed to work in neighbouring Manitoba. But you would be wrong.

More Red Tape Reduction for Alberta

On November 4, Alberta’s second Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act, Bill 80, was tabled. This bill proposes over a dozen changes across nine different pieces of legislation.

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