Fresh Takes

Coronavirus, Italy, and us

After having spread death in China, COVID-19 is now hitting Europe with full force. In Italy, medical personnel are faced with heart-wrenching choices.

When your job doesn’t impress columnists

A few weeks ago, the MEI made the case for protecting part-time workers. Those jobs are a much-needed first rung on the ladder for many Canadians, especially the young and the vulnerable.

Progress is in the eye of the beholder

As the US Democratic Party primaries determine who will contend for the next presidential election, the words commentators use to describe the intentions of the different camps illustrate the importance of semantics in politics.

100,000 ways to kill freedom

A parent who’s a little too sensitive asked a teacher who’s a little too accommodating to stop dissecting “Les 100 000 façons de tuer un homme,” a well-known Quebecois song, with elementary students at a school in Montreal’s Mile End district.

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