Opinion Polls

Oil in Quebec

More Quebecers prioritize Western Canadian oil for its imports. They would rather exploit their own oil resources and favour pipelines as a means of transporting oil. This Leger poll, commissioned by the MEI, follows up on a similar poll carried out a year ago.

Importing, selling and buying wine in Quebec

Do you agree that independent merchants (for example, restaurant owners, wine merchants) should be able to import wine freely and sell it directly to consumers, without having to go through the SAQ? Do you agree that Quebeckers should be able to buy wine in Canada, or elsewhere, without having to go through the SAQ?

Oil in Quebec

Léger opinion poll commissioned by the Montreal Economic Institute.

État des syndicats 2013 (in French only)

Léger a été mandatée par l’Association canadienne InfoTravail pour réaliser une étude parmi les Canadiens salariés afin de comprendre leur opinion sur les syndicats et sur certaines politiques publiques.

What Canadians think about their health care system

As part of its annual Focus Canada national public opinion survey, the Environics Institute asked Canadians about the state of their health care system and support for financing reforms to make it more affordable over the longterm, updating trends going back a decade.

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