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Economic update: A smaller-than-expected deficit due to inflation

Montreal, November 3, 2022 – The Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) reacted to the release of the federal government’s economic update earlier today. “The federal government should show some humility before taking credit for the reduction of the deficit,” says Olivier Rancourt, economist at the MEI.

72% of Canadians think their tax burden is too high

Montreal, October 18, 2022 – With many predicting a recession and with inflation at a level not seen in 30 years, an Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of the MEI finds that more than seven in ten Canadians (72%) think the individual tax burden is too high, compared to one in five (21%) who think it’s at an acceptable level.

New MEI Report: Private Auxiliary Agents Would Save American Cities Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Annually, Enhance Public Safety

Washington, D.C. — Today, the MEI—an independent public policy think tank with Canadian offices in Montreal and Calgary—released a new report on policing in the United States, outlining how private auxiliary agents can save taxpayer funds and keep America!s communitiessafer. Inspired by a 2021 Canadian version, the 2022 report is published as part of the MEI’s“Canada-U.S. Best Practices” program, aimed at a cross-pollination of sound policy ideas and practices between the two countries.

It doesn’t pay to “make the rich pay”

Montreal, September 14, 2022 – Proposals to increase taxes on the rich resurface often in the news. Montreal Economic Institute researchers conclude in a new study that, however the term “rich” is defined, this selective taxation does not pay, due to its longer-term indirect effects. By penalizing those who create wealth, this gives rise to a number of adverse effects that threaten the prosperity of all Canadians.

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