Past Events

The Celtic Miracle

Luncheon speech on the sources of Irish economic growth with John Bruton, former Prime Minister of Ireland and current Leader of the Official Opposition.

The Scope of Government and the Wealth of Nations

Breakfast meeting on the relationship between the size of government and economic growth with Robert Lawson, George H. Moor Chair in Business & Economics at Columbus’ Capital University and Director of Fiscal Policy Studies for the Buckeye Institute in Ohio.

Launch of Fiscalité des Québécois et Croissance

Breakfast meeting on the major economic challenges facing modern Quebec with authors Jean-Luc Migué, President of MEI’s Scientific Council, and Michel Boucher, Professor at the École Nationale d’Administration Publique in Quebec City.

The necessary lowering of the capital gains tax

Lecture on the effects of the capital gains tax with Mr Reuven Brenner, Professor of Business Administration at McGill University, and Mr Jason Kenney, Member of Parliament for Calgary Southeast and Revenue Opposition critic.

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