Caribou Conservation and the Future of Quebec’s Forestry Regions

October 29, 2015

Many environmental groups propose to considerably reduce forestry activities in Quebec, with the presumed goal of protecting the woodland caribou. While this solution might seem necessary at first glance, the result would be a draconian reduction of employment and economic activity in the affected regions, with no guarantee that the conservation objectives would be achieved. As part of our research program on Quebec’s forests, the Vice President of the MEI, Jasmin Guénette, went to Baie-Comeau and met with people in the industry to better understand the reality on the ground and see how the caribou and forestry workers coexist.

Media release: The prospect of a new caribou plan is a major concern in rural Quebec

The Economic Costs of the Boreal Caribou Recovery Plan – Economic Note, August 20, 2015

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