Reuven Brenner

Senior Fellow

Reuven Brenner received his PhD from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and now holds the REPAP Chair at McGill’s School of Management. He has been working with corporations, investment banks, investors and money asset managers in Canada, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Hungary, and the US on strategic and management issues, business plans and financing companies. He is the author of several books and has been contributor to Forbes Global, Forbes, National Post (where he is member of the Contributing Board), Strait Times (Singapore), Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal, and Le Figaro (Paris). Dr. Brenner also appeared in many public debates to share his view on various topics. Among many honors Forbes Global dedicated the August 8, 1998 cover story, titled “Leapfrogging,” to Brenner’s endeavors. Brenner now holds Canadian, European Community and Israeli citizenships. He is fluent in English, French, Hebrew, Hungarian and understands Rumanian, though he no longer speaks the language.

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