Are Quebec’s Forests Threatened?

Environmental groups claim that logging is jeopardizing the future of our forests as well as the survival of the species that live in them. Is this an accurate picture of the reality of forestry in Quebec? The aggregate data do not show that our forests are in decline. On the contrary, forest cover has increased slightly between the first forest inventory in 1979 and the most recent one in 2002. As for the overall distribution of the different stages of forest development, it has remained almost unchanged since the first forest inventory, with young, mature and regenerated forests accounting for about the same share of public forestland.

Media release: Some environmentalist groups exaggerate: Quebec’s forests are not threatened, according to a new documentary and an Economic Note from the MEI

Technical Annex (in French only)

Short documentaries:The Positive Impact of Harvesting the Forest” (August 14, 2014) and “The state of Quebec’s forests” (October 3, 2013)


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