The George Lengvari Sr. Lecture Series

Labour Law Reforms in Ontario

Michael D. Harris was Premier of Ontario from 1995 to 2002 and serves now as a Senior Business Advisor at Cassels Brock.

During his two terms in office, he enacted important reforms to modernize his province’s labour laws in order to provide better protection for workers in their dealings with unions. His presentation addressed some of these reforms, which were introduced within the framework of his overall program, well-known as the “Common Sense Revolution.”

Transcript of Mr. Harris’ speech

Photos taken during the event

Many people attended this prestigious event. (Click to enlarge)

Mr. Mike Harris in the center surrounded by Mr. Georges Lengvari Jr. at his left and Mr. Frank Csik Jr. at his right.

Mr. Michel Kelly-Gagnon, President and CEO of the MEI, and Mr. Georges Lengvari Jr., sponsor of the The George Lengvari Sr. Lectures Series.

Mr. Robert-Guy Scully, Master of Ceremonies for the event.

Mr. Fred Langan, former financial journalist and Mr. Georges Lengvari Sr.’s biographer.

Mr. Michel Kelly-Gagnon.

Mr. Mike Harris, main Speaker.

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