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Léger Marketing poll – Quebeckers are ready for a return of tolls

Montreal, October 11, 2007 – According to a Léger Marketing poll commissioned by the Montreal Economic Institute, more than half of Quebeckers (52%) hold the view that tolls are the best of several suggested options for getting highway users to finance rebuilding projects. The poll was conducted to accompany the release of three Economic Notes by the Institute on financing the maintenance of highways through public-private partnerships and tolls.

Nearly three out of five Quebeckers (59%) favour making users solely or mainly responsible for financing renewal of the road network.

Moreover, substantial majorities of Quebeckers would agree that, if tolls were established to make users pay, they should be placed on Quebec’s main highways (67%), near the bridges and tunnel leading to Montreal (64%) or on the entire Quebec highway network (58%).

Nearly eight out of 10 respondents (78%) favour electronic tolls if the funds collected were used to repair the highways where the tolls were collected.

The poll Opinion of Quebeckers on Road Network Funding was published in collaboration with Léger Marketing. It is available on the Institute’s Website.

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