Outlook and challenges of the Chinese economy

Dr. Fan Gang is one of China’s most influential economists and one of China’s leading reform advocates. His remarks are closely followed for clues about how Chinese leaders are thinking about the global economy. He is Director of the National Economic Research Institute (NERI) and Chairman of the China Reform Foundation (in collaboration with Heenan Blaikie, the Hong Kong Canada Business Association and the Canada China Business Council), China’s first economic think-tank. Dr. Fan Gang is a Fellow of the World Economic Forum (since 1994), a Fellow of the Chinese Economist Society (USA) (since 1993) and is a consultant to the World Bank, UNDP, ESCAP and to the OECD. Dr Fan Gang was awarded the accolade of a "Global Leader for Tomorrow" by the World Economic Forum in Davos (1995) and has been ranked number 33rd in the "world’s top 100 public intellectuals" by Foreign Policy and Prospect (2008). Dr. Fan Gang is a regular speaker on the direction of China’s economic policy and its implications for Chinese and foreign businesses. He presents fluently in English.

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