L’Action démocratique du Québec – Pour un Québec prospère et responsable

According to Mario Dumont, after 30 years of alternance between the Parti Québécois and the Liberals, Quebecers are tired of the same old complacent refrains and sterile debates. The solutions to our problems are close at hand. Public services have to be made more dynamic, and public interest must prevail over political pandering. Taxes need to be simplified and lightened. A debt repayment plan is required.

During this luncheon speech, Mario Dumont presented the basic principles that would guide an ADQ government. Mr. Dumont’s speech was followed by an exchange between him and a panel consisting of President Michel Kelly-Gagnon and research director Pierre Desrochers of the Montreal Economic Institute.

Photos taken during the event

The MC: Robert Guy Scully.

Mario Dumont delivering his speech.

Mario Dumont answering questions from the panel (from left to right: Pierre Desrochers, MEI’s Research Director, and Michel Kelly-Gagnon, MEI’s President).

Mario Dumont meets with the press.

Mario Dumont during a cocktail.

Edwin Coffey MD, associate Researcher at the MEI, with Mario Dumont during the cocktail.

Pierre Bourque and Mario Dumont during the cocktail.

The MEI, a non-partisan research and educational institute, has invited the leaders of the 3 main political parties to give a presentation. Jean Charest and Mario Dumont have accepted the invitation but we never had a confirmation date for the Honourable Bernard Landry.

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