Caring for Canadians in a Canada Strong and Free

In this second volume of the Canada Strong and Free series, we want to return to the first component of our national vision – enabling Canadians to achieve the highest quality of life in the world. While quality of life means different things to different people, in this volume we have focused on how our principles of freedom of choice, acceptance of personal responsibility, and rebalanced federalism can dramatically improve the provision of education, welfare, health care, and child care in Canada.

The viability and acceptability of our proposals should therefore be judged not merely from an intellectual or ideological standpoint. They must be assessed on the basis of whether, at the end of the day, their implementation would significantly improve the daily lives and personal futures of individual Canadians and their families in thousands of communities across our country. It is with this end in view that we invite you to examine the policy proposals in this volume.

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