Chroniques économiques – Des idées pour démystifier les politiques publiques

This book presents the basic principles of economics in a simple and very clear style. Are there advantages to government intervening in the economy? What effects does this intervention have? Why is freedom important in economic matters? Are there cases when it is necessary to limit or even stifle this freedom? How should wealth be produced? How should it be redistributed? Is competition a good thing or a bad thing? And is it inevitable? Regarding the rich, the poor and taxation, what can be considered fair? Is there reason to be scandalized, as happens in some circles? The book also examines special cases: drug prices, the financial problems of the health care system, expenses imposed on students, and other topics as well.


« …the publication of this work comes at a crucial time when the role of the State, particularly in Quebec, is being questioned. At a time when Quebec’s public finances are in disarray and public debt continues to balloon despite a zero-deficit policy, the government has chosen to re-engineer how the State is managed. Through scientifically based and high quality analyses, Michel Kelly-Gagnon suggests courses of action that are as current as they are necessary. One can only hope that these ideas will be considered by our public managers, administrators, government partners and anyone taking part in debates provoked by the modernization of the State. »

•Excerpt (translated) from the introduction by Jean-Paul Gagné, publisher of Les Affaires


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