Universal Private Choice: Medicare Plus – A Concept of Health Care With Quality, Access and Choice For All Canadians (2nd Edition)

We are proposing a new approach to the financing, insuring and delivery of medical and hospital services. While retaining universal entitlement to Medicare insurance, as a core publicly funded service, we propose a new concept of universal private choice. This includes Medicare, as well as voluntary private medical, hospital and health insurance alternatives, as exist in all other OECD countries. Our aim is to improve quality, access and choice for all Canadians.

A government health system monopoly does not necessarily cost less than a mixed public-private health system, nor does it provide faster access to services. On the contrary, among 25 OECD countries with universal access, some like Sweden, with a universal public system alongside a parallel private one, actually spend less than Canada, with better access to medical services.

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Media release: Universal Private Choice: Medicare Plus, a proposal for reforming Canada’s health care system

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