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Pierre Girardin
Pierre Girardin

Associate Researcher

After studying actuarial science at Laval University, Pierre Girardin joined the Quebec public service where he worked for ten years as an actuary for the SAAQ and the CSST. During this period, he was also employed by the RRQ, where he participated in the drafting of the Supplemental Pension Plans Act. He then worked as a consulting actuary for over fifteen years, notably for Towers Perrin where he was a partner, before creating his own consulting actuary services company. He was a member of the board of directors of the CSST as an employer’s representative and he was a privileged consultant for the Quebec Council of Employers (CPQ) on questions related to CSST pricing and pension plan legislation. Mr. Girardin is also very much involved in community projects. He is among other things president of Cuisines de l’Amitié, an organization that distributes meals and organizes collective kitchens. Mr. Girardin is a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.

Economic Note measuring the value of public sector pension plans

Supplemental pension plans provided by employers are a key fringe benefit to bear in mind when looking at overall compensation. In the private sector, pension plans have been going through a financing crisis in recent years. In the Quebec public sector, on the other hand, the government’s ability to pay is not at issue, and pension plans remain very generous. With negotiations under way between the government and the “Common Front” of public sector unions, there is reason to look into this matter and to ask if public sector pension plans are too generous compared to those in the private sector, taking account of taxpayers’ ability to pay.

2 March 2010March 2, 2010


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