La libéralisation des marchés de l’électricité

The electricity industry has seen a lot of transformations since the 1980s. Privatizations, deregulations, opening of markets: new forms of organization have come up that question the model of regulation inspired by the theories of natural monopoly. This volume is an overview of a complex economic process which appears irreversible, despite the problems that badly conceived deregulations are causing in California and elsewhere.

Henri Lepage explains how the industry has changed in the United States since the First World War and compres various experiences of deregulation in Canada, Europe and Australia. Michel Boucher takes a look at Hydro-Quebec’s performance as a public monopoly and proposes solutions of reform in the context of electricity market liberalization in North America.

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Media release: Un livre de l’Institut économique de Montréal lance le débat sur la libéralisation des marchés de l’électricité au Québec

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