Étatisme et déclin du Québec – Bilan de la Révolution tranquille

Étatisme et déclin du Québec (Statism and the Decline of Quebec) is an incisive analysis of the Quiet Revolution, the pivot around which the accepted interpretation of Quebec history has gravitated. Before that came a period called la grande noirceur (the great darkness), which gave way to a liberating modernity and triumphal progress. Observation of the facts leads us to paint a very different picture, however. If the Quiet Revolution indicated a turning-point in our economic and social evolution, it was a turn for the worse that marked the beginning of an ever wider gap between Quebec’s growth rate and the rates for Ontario, Canada and the United States.

The launch of this book was well reported in the press, with articles appearing in Le Soleil, La Presse and Le Devoir as well as broadcast interviews. This showed the importance of Jean-Luc Migué’s new book, which was on the La Presse/Renaud-Bray best-seller list for four weeks.


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