August 27, 2008

27 August 2008

Freshwater exports for the development of Quebec’s blue gold

Research Paper on the exploitation of Quebec’s water resources

Fresh water is a product whose relative economic value has risen substantially and will keep rising in the coming years. It has become a growing source of wealth and an increasingly worthwhile investment opportunity. Without better management of this resource, the emergence of water distress can be expected in many highly populated areas of the world. This study aims to present a general portrait of the possibilities open to Quebec in selling and exporting fresh water, to assess Quebec’s competitive advantage and potential in this regard and to define the role and responsibilities that the existence of this potential imposes.



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"Super nurse" clinics are now allowing thousands of Quebecers to enjoy quick access to front-line care. Yet the government insists on maintaining a rigid, physician-centric model rather than allowing innovative solutions like doctorless clinics to emerge. As part of its health care research program, the MEI has produced a short documentary looking at the efficiency of this new model of clinics led by specialized nurse practitioners (SNPs).

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