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Economic Note on the effects of anti-scab measures

In 1977, the Quebec legislature amended the Labour Code to introduce measures prohibiting employers at establishments affected by legal strikes or lockouts from replacing the striking or locked-out workers. According to the government then in power, these measures were introduced with the twin goals of preventing violence and making labour conflicts shorter. These arguments are still raised today, even though studies show that strikes have generally not been shortened.

1 January 2005January 1, 2005
Le Journal de Québec, p. 15
Electricity costs in Quebec.
9 December 2004December 9, 2004
Les Affaires, p. 18
The impact of high unionization rate on Quebec's economy.
2 October 2004October 2, 2004
Les Affaires, p. 15
Remuneration levels of top business leaders.
11 September 2004September 11, 2004
Financial Post, p. FP-11
Economic laws and France's 35-hour work week.
4 September 2004September 4, 2004
The Wall Street Journal, p. A-10
Economic laws and France's 35-hour work week.
3 September 2004September 3, 2004
Les Affaires, p. 12
Unions and the right of association.
31 July 2004July 31, 2004
Les Affaires, p. 14
The financing of pressure groups by tax payors.
24 January 2004January 24, 2004
Les Affaires, p. 10
Quebecers' private income availability compared to Albertans'.
3 January 2004January 3, 2004
Le Devoir, p. A-9

The publication of the Quebec Prosperity: Taking the Next Step report by the Fraser Institute.

19 December 2003December 19, 2003
Le Droit (Ottawa), p. 19
Amendments to the Labour Code to facilitate sub-contracting.
4 December 2003December 4, 2003
The Gazette, p. A-31
Amendments to the Labour Code to facilitate sub-contracting.
3 December 2003December 3, 2003
Le Soleil, p. D-6
Amendments to the Labour Code to facilitate sub-contracting.
29 November 2003November 29, 2003
Les Affaires, p. 20
Impact of high unionization rates on the performance of the Quebec labour market.
22 November 2003November 22, 2003
Economic Note (in French) on the various possible types of partnerships between the public and private sectors in hospital management

With the arrival in Quebec City of a new government that has declared its intention to review the so-called "Quebec model," the time for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) may finally have come. The new president of the Treasury Board has announced a vast operation of reengineering of the state bureaucracy, among other things through a wider recourse to Public-Private Partnerships. Quebec has not so far used PPPs to the same extent as other OECD countries, or even other Canadian provinces.

1 September 2003September 1, 2003
Les Affaires, p. 22
Quebec’s standard of living is among the lowest in North America.
26 October 2002October 26, 2002
Financial Post, p. FP-15
Have social programs been dismantled in Quebec?
27 September 2002September 27, 2002
Les Affaires, p. 10
Have social programs been dismantled in Quebec?
7 September 2002September 7, 2002
La Presse, p. A-13
Is urban sprawl an ecological or economic catastrophe?
17 March 2002March 17, 2002
Les Affaires, p. 10
MEI's Economic Note on municipal mergers.
29 September 2001September 29, 2001
The Globe and Mail, p. 13
Equalization payments and Quebec's economy.
19 March 2001March 19, 2001
Le Devoir, p. A-7
Equalization payments and Quebec's economy.
15 March 2001March 15, 2001
Economic Note (in French) on the impact of certain provisions in the Labour Code on job creation

Among the obstacles to reducing unemployment are those created by certain provisions in the Labour Code. One of the obstacles is the “closed shop,” dating from the era of the first British trade unions (1860). In the same spirit, the Rand formula stipulates that obtaining a job can be conditional on paying dues to the union at the company. Both these formulas are currently in use in Quebec. This exerts a constraint on businesses by requiring them to hire only those who pay into (Rand formula) or join (closed shop) the house union.

1 August 2000August 1, 2000
Le Devoir, p. A-7 (section Idées)
MEI study on the rate of unemployment and the salaries of the youth in Quebec in comparison to the youth of Ontario and the United States.
22 February 2000February 22, 2000


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