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Education, p. Web

Enabling parents to choose the public school that suits them best.

22 January 2013January 22, 2013
Le Journal de Montréal, p. 23

Higher Education Summit organized by Quebec.

17 January 2013January 17, 2013, p. Web

The financing of higher education in Quebec.

30 November 2012November 30, 2012, p. Web

Merit pay and the evaluation of teachers.

18 October 2012October 18, 2012
Le Journal de Montréal, p. 24

Students' mobilization and their demands.

31 May 2012May 31, 2012
Le Journal de Montréal, p. 23

The student conflict.

24 May 2012May 24, 2012
Le Journal de Montréal, p. 23

The demands of the student movement.

17 May 2012May 17, 2012
Le Journal de Montréal, p. 23

What we teach is largely responsible for the student conflict.

10 May 2012May 10, 2012, p. Web

The student conflict and demands of reds.

10 May 2012May 10, 2012, p. Web

Respecting the injunctions in the present student conflict.

3 May 2012May 3, 2012
Le Journal de Montréal, p. 23

The devaluation of education diplomas.

12 April 2012April 12, 2012, p. Web

The tuition fee hike.

19 March 2012March 19, 2012, p. Web

Students protesting a tuition fee hike.

14 March 2012March 14, 2012
The Gazette, p. A19

The student movement is fighting a tuition fee increase.

11 November 2011November 11, 2011
The Gazette, p. A19

The evaluation of teachers.

11 October 2011October 11, 2011
Economic Note on the evaluation of teachers

It is universally acknowledged that a quality education system has a profound influence on economic prosperity. In the long run, only a trained and productive population can improve its quality of life in a sustained manner. It is after all in order to promote access to education that the Quebec Department of Education was established in 1964. Today, this Department has an annual budget of $15.5 billion, the equivalent of 25% of Quebec government program spending.

14 September 2011September 14, 2011

Léger Marketing opinion poll commissioned by the Montreal Economic Institute.

8 September 2011September 8, 2011
Le Journal de Montréal, p. 28

The teaching of religion in Quebec's daycare.

9 June 2011June 9, 2011
Le Journal de Montréal, p. 25

The students' collectivist discourse.

24 March 2011March 24, 2011, p. Web

The MEI suggests allowing universities to set their own tuition fees and letting those fees vary according to program of study.

4 December 2010December 4, 2010
Le Devoir, p. A-9
Publication of an Economic Note on university financing.
16 June 2010June 16, 2010
Economic Note on university financing

In February 2004, the MEI published an Economic Note on tuition fees and their effects on access to university studies. Since then, the Quebec government announced that fees would rise cumulatively by $50 per semester from 2007 to 2012. It is still not known what policy will be adopted after 2012. To this day, Quebec tuition fees are still lower than their 1994-1995 level in real terms. This Economic Note is an update which aims to examine the university tuition fee situation in Quebec.

16 June 2010June 16, 2010
Le Journal de Montréal, p. 23

Teaching religion in Quebec schools.

1 April 2010April 1, 2010, p. Web
Publication of the Portrait of Quebec High Schools.
31 October 2009October 31, 2009
Le Journal de Montréal, p. 29
How to deal with high school dropout rate in Québec.
19 February 2009February 19, 2009
Evaluation of the relative results and impact of Quebec high schools

This new Portrait of Quebec High Schools is intended as a tool to serve at once the needs of parents and the needs of those who manage the school system. It is supplemented by an interactive Web tool that supplies a complete set of information to be consulted by both sets of people.

23 October 2008October 23, 2008
Economic Note on the benefits of asymmetrical university tuition fees

The Quebec government plans to raise university tuition fees by $50 per term until 2011-2012. Few studies up to now have assessed how this “unfreezing” policy will affect university financing and student enrolment. Moreover, no announcement has hinted at the tuition policy for university studies to be applied after 2012. This Economic Note begins a reflection on the type of policy that could be adopted to ensure long-term financing for universities.

20 October 2008October 20, 2008
Les Affaires, p. 47
Publication of an Economic Note on the importance of vocational training in Quebec’s education system.
11 October 2008October 11, 2008
Economic Note on the importance of vocational training in Quebec’s education system

With the population aging and many people soon to retire, numerous positions will have to be filled in the next few years in specialized trades and techniques. As a result, the wages associated with these jobs are becoming increasingly attractive. Because most politicians and journalists have attended university, there is often a tendency in public debates to forget the importance of vocational training. At the same time, the number of high school dropouts remains a serious problem in Quebec, with one-fifth of 19-year-olds in this situation. This phenomenon deserves greater attention so as to keep more youths from starting their working lives on the wrong foot.

24 September 2008September 24, 2008
Idea discussed in Le Journal de Montréal (Cahier Votre argent)
Eleven ideas from the MEI for getting Quebec out of its torpor.
12 January 2008January 12, 2008


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