Civic Engagement


MEI researchers and other staff are often asked to take part in conferences, public debates, parliamentary committees, and other types of events. Their participation helps inform public policy debates on the basis of rigorous, factual, non-partisan research.

The MEI offers any organization or association, or any political party, the opportunity to draw on the skills of its staff, at no charge. They can be called upon to act as speakers, debate participants, hosts, or moderators, as long as these requests correspond to the Institute’s areas of expertise. In this way, the MEI hopes to support initiatives that contribute to civic engagement and to the dynamism of public debates in a healthy democracy.

For more information on staff availability, please contact our Vice President Jasmin Guenette at:

MEI in the Media

The CRTC is not ready for the Internet of Things
Op-ed by Martin Masse, senior writer at the MEI, and Paul Beaudry, associate researcher at the MEI, published on May 22 in The Globe and Mail.

How Government Can Often Make The Environment Worse
Op-ed by Jasmin Guénette, Vice President of the MEI, published on May 19 in The Huffington Post.

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