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Viewpoint comparing the performance of the provincial premiers in terms of government spending, corporate and individual taxes, and deficits and debt

For several decades, Quebec has been one of the Canadian provinces in which public spending, the tax burden, and the debt level are the highest. One of the Quebec government’s main challenges is therefore to reverse these three trends in order to improve the dynamism of the province’s economy and to allow the population’s standard of living to rise. How does Quebec’s current government compare with the other provincial governments in achieving these goals?

February 4, 2016

4 February 2016

Economic Note explaining how regulating credit card loyalty programs would have unintended consequences that would harm consumers instead of helping them

Today, 89% of Canadians adhere to at least one loyalty program (also called a reward program), and 41% adhere to a program that is connected to a credit card. In other cases, such programs are connected to stand-alone loyalty cards or smartphone applications. Many critics maintain that these programs do not really offer any benefits for consumers, and suggest that they should be regulated. What is the truth of the matter, and what effects have such regulations had in countries that have adopted them?

January 28, 2016

28 January 2016

Economic Note illustrating how a less arduous dismissal process for incompetent teachers would benefit the school system

According to Quebecers, the single most important factor in the success of students is the quality of the teaching staff. However, this profession is plagued by persistent problems: the poor university records of many education undergraduates, the abandonment of the profession by young teachers, discouragement and loss of motivation, etc. These problems can affect the quality of students’ learning, and are quite naturally a concern for parents.

January 18, 2016

18 January 2016

MEI in the Media

Loyalty program critics protect you from yourself
Op-ed by Mathieu Bédard, Economist at the MEI, published on February 1st in several Sun Media papers.

Oxfam wealth statistics are dishonest and meaningless
Op-ed by Mathieu Bédard, Economist at the MEI, published on January 21 in the National Post.

Despite numerous superficial reforms and a growing budget, health care systems in Canada still do not live up to expectations. As part of the MEI's health care research program, its Vice President, Mr. Jasmin Guénette, met with medical doctors and policy experts in order to better understand which reforms are likely to make our health care systems more efficient, without jeopardizing the universality of care.

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