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Innovative Drugs: A Bureaucratic Obstacle Course
Viewpoint describing the burdensome regulatory process delaying the reimbursement of new drugs by Canada’s public plans
Innovative drugs help people enjoy longer, healthier, more productive lives. They also allow our health care systems to save money. However, the reimbursement of new drugs by Canada's public plans can face considerable delays due to a very burdensome regulatory process. Far from resolving this problem, a new reform will duplicate certain stages of this process and possibly lengthen it.
5 April 2018April 5, 2018

It’s Time to End Med School Quotas
Viewpoint explaining how government control over access to medical training hurts patients
Quebec’s Health Minister announced a reduction in the number of medical school admissions last year in order to keep doctors from ending up unemployed in the future. And yet, one in five Quebecers still does not have a family doctor, and proportionally, Quebec has fewer doctors than most industrialized countries. Is this government control over access to medical training the best way to meet Quebecers’ health care needs?
15 March 2018March 15, 2018

Maple Syrup: Quebec Is Hurting Its Producers and Encouraging Its Competitors
Viewpoint showing how the restrictive rules imposed on Quebec maple syrup producers have reduced their global market share
Each new sugaring-off season brings its share of controversies, with stories about seizures of syrup from producers making headlines. The rules that apply to Quebec maple syrup producers are indeed very restrictive, in addition to stimulating the growth of their competitors in neighbouring provinces and U.S. states.
8 March 2018March 8, 2018

Does Economic Growth Benefit the Poor?
Viewpoint explaining that contrary to popular belief, economic growth is the best way to reduce poverty
Is it true that economic growth only benefits a small, privileged elite? This seems to be the belief of certain groups that regularly denounce a “crisis of inequality” in many countries, including Canada. Yet this perspective, which considers wealth creation to be a zero-sum game in which the poorest are prisoners of their economic circumstances, is simply mistaken.
22 February 2018February 22, 2018

Health and Education: Spending Has Continued to Grow
Viewpoint showing that the problem with health care and education is not the lack of resources
In November 2017, Quebec announced a $1.1-billion personal income tax reduction. Some argued then that the reason the government could afford to reduce the tax burden was that it had reduced spending on health and education, and that these sectors had been starved by years of successive cuts. However, both health care spending and education spending have increased considerably in recent years.
7 February 2018February 7, 2018

Quebec Is Still a Corporate Subsidy Champion
Viewpoint examining the disproportionate use of subsidies by the Quebec government
Even though corporate subsidies have often been criticized for their undesirable economic effects and for discriminating in favour of certain sectors or companies, they continue to be very present in the Quebec economy. Quebec pays out twice as much in corporate subsidies as Ontario, proportional to the size of its economy. This policy does not make Quebecers richer.
18 January 2018January 18, 2018


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